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Journal of Buddhist Philosophy, Volume #2, Issue #1 (12/2016)
Journal of Buddhist Philosophy, Volume #2, Issue #1
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Table of Contents


Message from the Editor
Gereon Kopf

Special Topic: The Rang stong/Gzhan stong Division

Introduction: The History of the Rang stong/Gzhan stong
Distinction from Its Beginning through the Ris-med Movement
Klaus-Dieter Mathes

Can We Speak of Kadam Gzhan Stong?: Tracing the Sources for Other-Emptiness in Early-Fourteenth-Century Tibet
Tsering Wangchuk

On the rDzogs chen Distinction between Mind (sems) and Primordial Knowing (ye shes): Clarifications and
Transcendental Arguments
David Higgins

How Can a Momentary and Conditioned Mind Be Integral to Gzhan Stong?
Anne Burchardi

From the Three Natures to the Two Natures: On a Fluid Approach to the Two Versions of Other-Emptiness from Fifteenth-Century Tibet
Yaroslav Komarovski

Presenting a Controversial Doctrine in a Conciliatory Way: Mkhan chen Gang shar dbang po’s (1925–1958/59?) Inclusion of Gzhan Stong (“Emptiness of Other”) within Prāsaṅgika
Klaus-Dieter Mathes

Research Articles

Tsong kha pa and the Myth of the Given
Edward Falls

Reading Nishida through Shinran: Absolute Nothingness, Other Power, and Religious Consciousness
Elizabeth McManaman Grosz

Re-Visioning Dōgen Kigen’s Attitude toward the System (Kenmitsu Taisei 顕密体制) in Considering the Concept of Aspiration (Kokorozashi 志) and Just-Sitting Mediation (Shikan taza 只管打坐)
Eiji Suhara

Is “Illusion” a Prajñāpāramitā Creation? The Birth and Death of a Buddhist Cognitive Metaphor
Shi Huifeng

Cittamātra as Conventional Truth from Śāntarakṣita to Mipham
Jay L. Garfield

Book Reviews

Review of Yaroslav Komarovski, Visions of Unity: The Golden Pandita Shakya Chokden’s New Interpretation of Yogācāra and Madhyamaka
Douglas S. Duckworth

Review of The Cowherds, Moonshadows: Conventional Truth in Buddhist Philosophy
Christian Coseru

Review of Sara L. McClintock, Omniscience and the Rhetoric of Reason: Śāntarakṣita and Kamalaśīla on Rationality, Argumentation, and Religious Authority
Shinya Moriyama

Review of Entangling Vines: A Classic Collection of Zen Koans Translated and Annotated by Thomas Yūhō Kirchner
Steven Heine

Review of Robert E. Carter, The Kyoto School: An Introduction (with a Foreword by Thomas P. Kasulis)
Bret W. Davis

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