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Mediaevalia Volume #36/37, Special Double Issue (9/2016)
Mediaevalia Volume #36/37, Special Double Issue
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Volume #36/37, Special Double Issue


Medieval Futures: The Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Binghamton University, 1966–2016
Marilynn R. Desmond

Future Perfect: Reading Temporalities at the Royal Women’s Monastery at Chelles, ca. 660–1050
Helene Scheck

Producing the Route of St. James: The Camino de Santiago in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
Barbara Abou-El-Haj

Virgil and Sordello’s Embrace in Dante’s Commedia: Latin Poeta Meets Vernacular Dicitore
Olivia Holmes

Gilding the Lily: John of Rupescissa’s Prophetic System and the Decline of the Angevins of Naples
Elizabeth Casteen

The Presence of the Past and the Shadows of Futurity: Petrarch, Vernacular Art Criticism, and the Anticipation of the Connoisseur
Karen Elizabeth Gross

Fluid City: River Gods in Rome and Contested Topography
Charles Burroughs

The Leper on the Road to Canterbury: The Summoner, Digital Manuscripts, and Possible Futures
Bridget Whearty

Retraction and Re-Collection: Chaucer’s Apocalyptic Self-Examination
Deirdre Riley

Writing Like a Fan: Fan Fiction and Medievalism in Paul C. Doherty’s Canterbury Mysteries
Rhonda Knight

Shaping Our (Medieval) Future through Nomadic Insurgency: A Radical Reading of Ywain and Gawain
Christian Beck

Solomon au feminin: (Re)translating Proverbs 31 in Christine de Pizan’s Cité des dames
Jeanette Patterson

Transnational Feminism and Medieval Futures: The Cartographic Imaginary in Christine de Pizan’s Chemin de long estude
Marilynn R. Desmond

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