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The International Journal of Servant-Leadership Volume #8/9 Issue #1 (1/2014)
The International Journal of Servant-Leadership Volume #8/9 Issue #1
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Table of Contents

The Servant-Leader
Robert K. Greenleaf

Introductory Commentary

A Journey in Servant-Leadership
Larry C. Spears

Coming Home: Servant-Leadership, Men, and the Road Back to One Another
Shann Ray Ferch

The Poetry of Servant-Leadership

Mary Jane Nealon

Ketema Ross

The Essence of Servant-Leadership

An Inward Journey
Robert K. Greenleaf

Servant-Leadership Characteristics, Personality Type, and the Hierarchy of Functions
Beth A. Lafferty, Ralph Lewis, and Larry C. Spears

A Servant-Leader Meditation
George SanFancon and Larry C. Spears

Servant-Leadership Essays, Theory, and Science

The Significance of Foresight in Vision and Narrative Leadership
Lyna M. Matesi

On Becoming a Servant-Leader: A Theoretical and Philosophical Basis for the Emergence of Natural Servanthood
Jeffrey L. McClellan

Servant-Leadership and Psychological Hardiness
Jeffrey L. McClellan

Amazing Grace: Seeking Grace and Forgiveness in Law Enforcement
Lena I. Boesser Koschmann

The Serving Salesperson: Meeting Customer Needs with Practices of Servanthood
Daniel H. McQuiston, Lawrence J. Lad, and W. Scott Downey

Teaching Corporate Governance in MBA Programs: The Servant-Leadership Test
Martha M. Geaney

Servant-Leadership Applied to Balance World Inequalities and Enhance Global Forgiveness and Restoration
Christian B. Cabezas

Put Me in Coach, I’m Ready to Serve: The Servant-Leader as High School Coach
Brian L. Davenport

The Organizational Impacts of Community on Retention and Satisfaction: A Sociological Approach to Servant-Leadership
Kirk D. Young

Forgiveness: A Humble Path for Police to Servant-Leadership
Mark Whitson

Servant-Leadership: Creating a Context for Collaboration
Daniel Van Brugge

Finding the Way Home: The Emergence of a Servant-Leader through the Power of Forgiveness
Mark T. McCord

Organizational Dissent and Servant-Leadership
Robert F. Sprague

Religious Commitment and Servant-Leadership: The Development of an Exploratory Conceptual Model
Gary E. Roberts and Diane Hess-Hernandez

Enhancing Servant-Leadership’s Practice through Utilization of Authentic Dialogue
Russell Horton

The Servant-Mentor: Raising Up the Next Generation of Servant-Leaders
Nathaniel Pearson

Living Justice and Forgiveness in an Organization during a Religious Crisis: A Proposition
Maduabuchi Leo Muoneme, SJ

Servant-Leadership and Forgiveness-Asking: Two Personal Narratives and a Discussion
Maduabuchi Leo Muoneme, SJ

Bernie’s Truth: Introducing Servant-Leadership through a Case Study of Leadership’s Effect on Organizational Culture
Randall Miller and Peter J. Flanagan

Research Notes on Servant-Leadership

Servant-Leadership and Taking Charge Behavior: The Moderating Role of Follower Altruism
Dirk van Dierendonck

Servant Leadership and the Executive

Servant-Leadership… to Teach or to Awaken?
Paul Nakai

Servant Leadership in Music, Film, and Literature

The Promised Land: Robert Greenleaf, Bruce Springsteen, and Servant-Leadership
Joe Albert and Larry C. Spears

Oskar Schindler: A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing
Keith W. Carpenter

Voices of Servant-Leadership: Interview

Henrik and Daniel Sedin: NHL Heroes and Servant-Leaders
Carol Crippen and David Nagel

The Poetry of Servant-Leadership

Body, Body’s Torment, and Body’s Reprieve
Mary Jane Nealon

Ketema Ross

Gonzaga University’s Leadership Programs
The Spears Center for Servant-Leadership, Inc.
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