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Mediaevalia Volume #32, Issue #1 (5/2012)
An Interdisciplinary Journal of Medieval Studies Worldwide
Mediaevalia Volume #32, Issue #1
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Table of Contents

Volume 32, Issue 1 

Negotiating Trade: Commercial Institutions and Cross-Cultural Exchange in the Medieval and Early Modern World. An Introduction
Travis Bruce and Dana E. Stewart

Aspects of Trade in the Western Mediterranean during the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries: Perspectives from Islamic Fatwās and State Correspondence
Russell Hopley

Hotel Tartary: Marco Polo, Yams, and the Biopolitics of Population
Wan-Chuan Kao

The Book’s Two Fathers: Marco Polo, Rustichello da Pisa, and Le Devisement du monde
F. Regina Psaki

Public Poems, Private Expenditures: Petrarch as Homo Economicus
William J. Kennedy

“On the Pavement, Thinking about the Government”: The Corpus Christi Cycle and the Emergence of Municipal Merchant Power in York
Meisha Lohman

Inevitable Conflict or Opportunity to Explore? The Mechanics of Venice’s Embargo against Mehmed II and the Problem of Western-Ottoman Trade after 1453
Stefan Stantchev

“Inhospitable desert”: Inhabiting the Inn in Early Modern Spanish Theater
Noelia Cirnigliaro

Prosecuting the Persecutor: Contracts, Sugar, Jews, and Inquisitors, 1580–1640
Cátia Antunes

At the Mercy of the Harbor: Port Life, Prostitution, and Charitable Discipline in Seventeenth-Century Marseilles
Zuzana Stastna-Wilcox

Negotiating Slavery in a Tolerant Frontier: Livorno’s Turkish Bagno (1547–1747)
Stephanie Nadalo

To Inform and Delight: The Commodification of Travel Images in Amsterdam
Elizabeth Sutton

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