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Mediaevalia Volume #6, Issue #1 (1980)
Mediaevalia Volume #6, Issue #1
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Table of Contents

Barnard S. Levy and Paul E. Szarmach

Bernard F. Huppé
Aldo S. Bernardo

Vita: Bernard F. Huppé

The Seafarer: The Weir-Metaphor and Benedictine Silence
Charles Dahlberg

Two Voices in Widsith
Donald K. Fry

The Meaning of Alfred’s Preface to the Pastoral Care
Paul E. Szarmach

The Book of Job in The Dream of the Rood
W. F. Bolton

The Tripartite Structure of Chretien’s Erec et Enide
Marla W. Mudar Iyasere

The Annunciation in Thomas de Hales’ “Love Ron”
Bernard S. Levy

Petrarch on the Education of a Prince: Familiares XII, 2
Aldo S. Bernardo

The Epicurean Homily on Marriage by Chaucer’s Franklin
Robert P. Miller

The Blessed Virgin and the Two Coronations of Griselda
James I. Wimsatt

Speech, the Principle of Contraries, and Chaucer’s Tale of the Manciple and the Parson
Chauncey Wood

“Partriches Wynges”: A Note on Hous of Fame, 1391-92
Francis X. Newman

Chaucer and the “Commune Profit”: The Manor
D. W. Roberson, Jr.

The Idea of Love in Usk’s Testament of Love
Edmund Reiss

The Medieval Unity of Malory’s Morte Darthur
Judson Boyce Allen

Isabella and Her Hermit: Stillness at the Center of the Orlando Furioso
Mario A. Di Cesare

The Spanish Tragedy
as the Fall of Babylon
John S. Weld

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