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Mediaevalia Volume #12, Issue #1 (1986)
Mediaevalia Volume #12, Issue #1
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Table of Contents


Aldo S. Bernardo
Anthony L. Pellegrini

Curriculum Vitae of Aldo S. Bernardo

From Scrolls to Codex: The Ancient and the Medieval Book
Saul Levin

The Latin Tradition of Alcuin’s Liber de Virtutibus et Vitiis
Paul E. Szarmach

Falconry and Medieval Social Status
Robin S. Oggins

Images of the Cloister—Haven or Prison
Joan M. Ferrante

Dante and the Martial Epic
Robert Hollander

Will Virgil Be Saved?
Nocolae Iliescu

(Christian) Theologians vs. (Pagan) Philosophers: Another Look at Dante’s Allegory
Aldo Scaglione

The Anonimo Latino: One of the Earliest Commentaries on Dante’s Commedia
Vincenzo Cioffari

Renaissance Painters—Dante and Nattini: An Essay
Jean-Pierre Barricelli

Antiche piaghe
: Love’s Violence in Petrarch’s Rime sparse
Sara Sturm-Maddox

The Last Tale in the Decameron
Victoria Kirkham

Medieval and Humanistic Perspectives in Boccaccio’s Concept and Defense of Poetry
Giovanni Gullace

Love’s Broken Mirror
Bernard F. Huppé

Interrupted Symmetries: Terza Rima, Heroic Verse, First Lines, and the Styles of Epic
Mario A. Di Cesare

The Image of the Temple in the Works of Jean Lemaire de Belges
Bodo L. O. Richter

Some Observations on Madrigal Settings of Petrarch’s “I’ vo piangendo…”
Harry B. Lincoln

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