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Mediaevalia Volume #13, Issue #1 (1987)
Mediaevalia Volume #13, Issue #1
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Table of Contents

Editor’s Introduction

Ovid and the Problem of Gender
Warren Ginsberg

The Vulgate Commentary on Ovid’s Metamorphoses
Frank T. Coulson

Medieval Articulations of Ovid’s Metamorphoses: From Lactantian Segmentation to Arnulfian Allegory
Ralph Hexter

Composing Yourself: Ovid’s Heroides, Baudri of Bourgueil and the Problem of Persona
Gerald A. Bond

The Anxieties of Influence: Ovid’s Reception by the Early Troubadours
Leslie Cahoon

Ovid’s Heroides Contextualized: Foolish Love and Legitimate Marriage in the Roman D’Eneas
Barbara Nolan

Versions of Authority in the Roman de la Rose: Remarks on the Use of Ovid’s Metamorphoses by Guillaume de Lorris and Jean de Meun
Eric M. Steinle

Arachne, Argus, and St. John: Transgressive Art in Dante and Ovid
Teodolinda Barolini

Dante in the Labyrinth
Rebecca S. Beal

Ovid and Boccaccio: A Note on Self-Defense
Janet Levarie Smarr

John Gower’s Use of Ovid in Book III of the Confessio Amantis
Thomas J. Hatton

The Naked Text: Chaucer’s “Thisbe,” the Ovide Moralisé, and the Problem of Translatio Studii in the Legend of Good Women
Sheila Delany

Love and the Declining World: Ovid, Genesis, and Chaucer
John M. Fyler

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