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Mediaevalia Volume #14, Issue #1 (1988)
Mediaevalia Volume #14, Issue #1
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Table of Contents

Women and Music in Medieval Europe
Edith Borroff

Irish Evidence for the De Harmonia Tonorum of Wulfstan of Winchester
William Sayers

The Use of A Passio S. Sebastiani in the Old English Martyrology
J. E. Cross

Genesis B
 and the Anomalous Gnome
John F. Vickrey

St. Martin: Seasonal and Legendary Aspects
Anne E. Witte

Ruminating and Dreaming in Purgatorio XXVII
Sandra McEntire

Inheritance and Revision: Reinterpretations of a Father’s Bequest
Nancy M. Reale

Chaucer’s Experiments with the “Thrifty Tale”: The Narratives of the Man of Law, the Clerk, and the Physician
Denise N. Baker

The Townes Wal: A Frame for Fre Chois in Chaucer’s Troilus and Criseyde
Andrew Sprung

The Wycliffite Tract “Pride Wrathe and Envie” of HM
George Klawitter

: Meditations of a Whale and a Woodbine
Lawrence M. Clopper

The Hunted Hunter of the Alliterative Morte Arthure
Carol Wilkinson Whitney

Venus Unveiled: Lydgate’s Temple of Glas and the Religion of Love
Bryan Crockett

The Audience in the Text of the Wakefield Buffeting
Shearle Furnish

Ciriaco D’Ancona and the Crusade of Varna: A Closer Look
Edward W. Bodnar, S.J.

Wynkyn de Worde’s Byrthe and Lyfe of AnteChryst and Popular Eschatology on the Eve of the English Reformation
Richard K. Emmerson


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