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Window with 4 Panes
Window with 4 Panes
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David Appelbaum - Author
Codhill Press
Price: $16.00 
Paperback - 78 pages
Release Date: August 2010
ISBN13: 978-1-930337-38-1



“The Ambiguity of Snow”

Dog wishes, buried

in squinty sun

may never sprout

deeper dreads down

under may deface

even terror’s stun gun

before bright dawn

pours on white cloth

buffered over white

strain and shows no

blood on the collar—

but the dead ground,

bone’s crypt, dazzles,

unwinds a drape to hide

a corpse stuffed in.

“David Appelbaum’s Window with 4 Panes aims high: the poet in his ‘Overture’ claims a prophetic mantle, aiming to speak a truth ‘beyond each simulation by language,’ over obstacles of ‘dislocation, displacement, dissonance.’ Appelbaum, whom we must thank for his work at New Paltz’s Codhill Press as well as for his poetry, acquits himself well, writing of big topics with a light hand using a spare, short line. The first section takes on mortality (‘sorrow/to the bone/all for petty things’), while the second traces a kind of coping, promising ‘survival is rare glory.’ ‘The garden must be praised,’ he declares, for pushing on in this ‘dangerous oxygen.’ The final poems are precise and authoritative, rather like oracular utterance.” — William Seaton, Chronogram

Purveyor of local geography and lover of mountain hikes, David Appelbaum holds a degree in philosophy. He is past editor of Parabola Magazine and currently, publisher of Codhill Press.

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Table of Contents


Cut at the edge

In the courtyard
Naïve intent
Transmission of light outside tradition
Cupping glass
While at work
Trey for a hand
In now wise: a memoriam

Drank drop

Count the cracks
Things forbidden to say
Fortune cookie
Elegy for Minerva
Dark web above a steel roof
The narrows
Cobbler’s wheels
The garden
Party debris
Canis major

Silver broadloom

From below
The carrion eaters
The beach
Low mass at dusk
The first language
Ad for a chaise
An empty rim
Country ride: sedan
After the race
First intentional septet


The ambiguity of snow
Quartet in five parts
Live overhead
Epistle from a nun

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