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Traditions and Transitions in Israel Studies
Books on Israel, Volume VI
Traditions and Transitions in Israel Studies
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Laura Zittrain Eisenberg - Editor
Neil Caplan - Editor
Naomi B. Sokoloff - Editor
Mohammed Abu-Nimer - Editor
SUNY series in Israeli Studies
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Release Date: December 2002
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Release Date: December 2002
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Introduces the cutting edge issues and current scholarship in the interdisciplinary field of Israel Studies.

This sixth volume in the Books on Israel series is an interdisciplinary compilation that encompasses contributions from both the social sciences and the humanities, and reflects the exciting integration of approaches that are on the cutting edge of Israel Studies. The contributors go beyond the review of recent books on Israel to offer original examinations of the state of scholarship about Israel within the various disciplines of anthropology, economics, history, literature, political science, and sociology. Recent trends in contemporary Israeli society, politics, economics, and culture are also explored.

“The sheer number of contributors and the range of essays and topics discussed make this volume a rich source of information on Israeli society, politics, economics, and culture.” — Journal of Palestine Studies

"Without a doubt, this is the best volume in the series so far. The writing is superb, the analysis and criticism are cogent, the coverage is broad, and the points of view are varied. I really enjoyed this collection." — James D. Armstrong, coeditor of Distant Mirrors: America as a Foreign Culture

Contributors include Khawla Abu Baker, Ruth Amir, Mordechai Bar-On, Rachel Feldhay Brenner, Antonio Donno, Motti Golani, Amal A. Jamal, Benny Morris, Ilham Nasser, David Newman, Maen Nsour, Leah Rosen, Stephen Schecter, Mira Sucharov, Ephraim Tabory, Angelika Timm, Deborah L. Wheeler, and Xu Xin.

Laura Zittrain Eisenberg is Visiting Associate Professor of History at Carnegie Mellon University. She is the author and editor of several books including Review Essays in Israel Studies: Books on Israel, Volume V (with Neil Caplan), published by SUNY Press. Neil Caplan is Coordinator of the Humanities Department and Jewish Studies Programme at Vanier College. He is the author and editor of several books including The Lausanne Conference, 1949: A Case Study in Middle East Peacemaking. Naomi B. Sokoloff is Professor of Near Eastern Languages and Civilization at the University of Washington. She is the author and editor of several books including Imagining the Child in Modern Jewish Fiction. Mohammed Abu-Nimer is Professor of Peace Conflict Resolution and Director of Conflict Resolution Skills Institutes at American University. He is the editor of Reconciliation, Justice, and Coexistence: Theory and Practice and the author of Dialogue, Conflict Resolution, and Change: Arab-Jewish Encounters in Israel, published by SUNY Press.

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Table of Contents


History and Memory

1. Reassessing Israel's Road to Sinai/Suez, 1956: A "Trialogue"
Mordechai Bar-On, Benny Morris and Motti Golani

2. The Holocaust and Its Fifty-Year-Old Commemoration: Have We Reached the Limit?
Rachel Feldhay Brenner

Israeli Society: The Jewish Community

3. Controlling Territory: Spatial Dimensions of Social and Political Change in Israel
David Newman

4. "A Nation that Dwelleth Alone": Judaism as an Integrating and Divisive Factor in Israeli Society
Ephraim Tabory

Israeli Society: The Arab Community

5. Palestinians in Israel: Social and Educational Conditions in the 1990s
Ilham Nasser

6. Research on Welfare and Well-being in Israel: A Palestinian Perspective
Khawla Abu Baker

Whither Post-Zionism?

7. Does Post-Zionism Have a Future?
Deborah L. Wheeler

8. The Open Society and Its Enemies: Changing Public Discourse in Israel
Leah Rosen and Ruth Amir

9. Literature as a Response to Paradox: On Reading A.B. Yehoshua’s A Journey to the End of the Millennium
Stephen Schecter

Peace Process

10. Anthologizing the Peace Process
Mira Sucharov

11. Power-Relations, Recognition, and Dialogue: The Dynamics of Israeli-Palestinian Peace
Amal A. Jamal

12. Economics as a Security Tool in an Era of "Peace" in the Middle East
Maen F. Nsour

Israel Studies Around the World

13. Changing Italian Perspectives on Israel
Antonio Donno

14. Israel Turns Fifty: New Books Published in Germany
Angelika Timm

15. Israel in Chinese Scholarship
Xu Xin

Notes on the Contributors and Editors

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