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Collaborative Reform and Other Improbable Dreams
The Challenges of Professional Development Schools
Collaborative Reform and Other Improbable Dreams
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Marilyn Johnston-Parsons - Editor
Patti Brosnan - Editor
Don Cramer - Editor
Tim Dove - Editor
SUNY series, Teacher Preparation and Development
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Hardcover - 312 pages
Release Date: February 2000
ISBN10: 0-7914-4465-1
ISBN13: 978-0-7914-4465-8

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Paperback - 312 pages
Release Date: February 2000
ISBN10: 0-7914-4466-X
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Examines Professional Development Schools, or "teaching schools," and the myriad complex issues, from policy to personnel, that surround their operation.

This book discusses a ten-year process of teacher education reform at a major public research university (The Ohio State University) and the challenges that ensued. The thirteen Professional Development Schools (PDSs) described are diverse, yet they share a focus on school/university collaboration, reform in teacher education, professional developments, and inquiry. The authors speak frankly about their history, outcomes, and hopes for the future. The message is that school/university collaboration is a potentially rich approach to reform, yet fraught with challenges, demands, and an uncertain future.

"Faculty at The Ohio State University and local school administrators and teachers have been working together since 1986 to change how we prepare new teachers and promote professional development. This has meant changing our institutions while working in them and studying both the process and outcomes as we go. The context, challenges, and consequences of this large scale reform are complex and uneven but some of the outcomes are clear: teacher education is done differently now, professors and teachers teach differently, and the schools and university have changed in significant ways." -- Marilyn Johnston, from the Introduction

"There are a number of sources that detail collaborative efforts but few books that explore the issues in such depth, and none that I am aware of that so clearly explicate the benefits and the difficulties of school/university work. This set of contributors builds a case study of a major effort, which to me is one of the strengths of the book." -- Taffy Raphael, Oakland University

Contributors include Cynthia Dickens, Rhonda Dailey-Dickinson, Don Cramer, Marilyn Johnston, Patricia Enciso, Becky Kirschner, Theresa Rogers, Barbara Seidl, Francee Eldredge, Kathleen Ibom, Lisa Maloney, Mike Thomas, Patricia Brosnan, Diana Erchick, Holly Thronton, Sue Chase, Merry Merryfield, Steven Miller, Stanley Ray, Tim Dove, Todd Kenreich, Barbara Levak, Dan Hoffman, Anna Soter, Beth Carnate, George Newell, Steven Hoffman, Rachel Moots, Barbara Thomson, Eugenie Maxwell, Lizbeth Kelley, William Gathergood, Keith Hall, Michael Parsons, Sandra Stroot, Mary O'Sullivan, Deborah Tannehill, Deborah Wilburn Robinson, Gwendolyn Cartledge, John Cooper, Ralph Gardner III, Timothy Heron, William Heward, Richard Howell, Diana Sainato. Foreword by Nancy Zimpher and Introduction by Marilyn Johnston. Conclusion by Patti Brosnan, Don Cramer, Tim Dove, and Marilyn Johnston.

At The Ohio State University, Marilyn Johnston is Professor of Social Studies Education and author of Contradictions in Collaboration: New Thinking in School University Partnerships, Patti Brosnan is Associate Professor of Mathematics Education, Don Cramer is former PDS Principal and is currently Program Director for the Office of Professional Practices. Tim Dove is a middle school social studies teacher in Worthington, Ohio.

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Table of Contents

Nancy Zimpher

Introduction Context, Challenges, and Consequences: PDSs in the Making
Marilyn Johnston

Part I
Contextualizing PDS Work and Roles

Chapter 1
Too Valuable to Be Rejected, Too Different to Be Embraced: A Critical Review of School/University Collaboration
Cynthia Dickens

Chapter 2
A Clinical Educator: Redefining a Teacher's Role
Rhonda Dailey-Dickinson

Chapter 3
The Missing Voice of the Principal in School/University Collaboration
Don Cramer and Marilyn Johnston

Part II
Elementary and Middle School PDSs

Chapter 4
LEADS: An Evolving Program
Patricia Enciso, Becky Kirschner, Theresa Rogers, and Barbara Seidl

Chapter 5
Small Beginnings to a Collective Takeover: Collaboration, Integration, and Change in Our PDS
Francee Eldredge, Kathleen Ibom, Marilyn Johnston, Lisa Maloney, and Mike Thomas

Chapter 6
Middle School PDS: Moving beyond the Canvas
Patti Brosnan, Diana Erchick, and Holly Thornton

Part III
Secondary PDSs

Chapter 7
Afternoon the Honeymoon Is Over: What Seven Years of Collaboration Have Taught Us about School/University Collaboration in Social Studies and Global Education
Sue Chase and Merry Merryfield

Chapter 8
Perspectives on Personal Professional Development
Steven L. Miller, Stanley Ray, Tim Dove, and Todd Kenreich

Chapter 9
Students Learn Within and beyond the Walls: A Secondary PDS
Barbara Levak, Anna Soter, and Dan Hoffman

Chapter 10
The Growing of a School/University Partnership and the Preparation of Teachers for the Urban Context
Beth Carnate, George Newell, Steven E. Hoffman, and Rachel Moots

Chapter 11
Project Learn: Closing the Gap
Barbara Thomson, Eugenie Maxwell, Lizbeth Kelley, and Beth Carnate

Part IV
Specialist and Subject Matter PDSs

Chapter 12
The Ohio State University Technology in Education Professional Development School: TIE PDS
William Gathergood and Keith Hall

Chapter 13
A PDS Network of Teachers: The Case of Art
Michael Parsons

Chapter 14
Weaving a Web of Relationships
Sandra Stroot, Mary O'Sullivan, And Deborah Tannehill

Chapter 15
Inaugurating a Professional Development Network for Foreign and Second Language Educators: Flying the Plane and Repairing It at the Same Time
Deborah Wilburn Robinson

Chapter 16
The Special Education Professional Development School
Gwendolyn Cartledge , John O . Cooper , Ralph Gardner III , Timothy E . Heron , William L. Heward , Richard D . Howell , and Diane M . Sainato

Tim Dove, Patti Brosnan, Don Cramer, and Marilyn Johnston

Appendix PDS Publications

Glossary of Terms and Acronyms



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