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Changing the Self
Philosophies, Techniques, and Experiences
Changing the Self
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Thomas M. Brinthaupt - Editor
Richard P. Lipka - Editor
SUNY series, Studying the Self
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Hardcover - 384 pages
Release Date: October 1994
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ISBN13: 978-0-7914-1867-3

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Paperback - 384 pages
Release Date: October 1994
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“This book represents an interesting effort to examine the concept of self from a variety of different disciplinary and professional perspectives and to bring together in a single work some of the obviously rich diversity in thinking that this concept has attracted.

“The topic is very significant, especially at a time when individuals in our society are only beginning to see some of the results of preoccupation of self, as well as insufficient attention to it. As a concept of scholarly interest, self is beginning to receive attention well beyond the traditional communities of psychiatry and clinical psychology. The volume makes that breadth of interest apparent.” — Dennis S. Gouran, The Pennsylvania State University

This book examines the varieties of self-exchange and factors that can influence it. It takes a much-needed step toward linking the concerns of the academic self-researcher and the consumer of research pertaining to changing the self. Throughout the book, understanding and accounting for change in the self emerges as a vitally important concern across a wide range of human experience.

Thomas M. Brinthaupt is Assistant Professor of Psychology at Middle Tennessee State University. Richard P. Lipka is Professor and Director of the Center for Educational Services, Evaluation and Research at Pittsburg State University.

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Table of Contents


Thomas M. Brinthaupt and Richard P. Lipka

Part 1:  Philosophies of Changing the Self

1.  Changes in the Self from a Developmental/Psychosocial Perspective
Don Hamachek

2.  Cluttered Terrain: The Schools' Interest in the Self
James A. Beane

3.  Changing the Delinquent Self
Martin Gold

4.  Changing the Religious Self and the Problem of Rationality
P. J. Watson

Part 2:  Techniques of Changing the Self

5.  Shrinking the Self
Roy F. Baumeister and Joseph M. Boden

6.  Conceptualizing and Changing the Self from a Rational Therapy Perspective
Charles Zastrow

7.  The Transtheoretical Model of Change
Diane Grimley, James O. Prochaska, Wayne F. Velicer, Linelle M. Blais, and Carlo C. DiClemente

8.  Pathways to Internalization: When does Overt Behavior Change the Self-Concept?
Dianne M. Tice

Part 3:  Experiences of Changing the Self

9.  Self-change Experiences of Psychotherapists
John C. Norcross and Darren C. Aboyoun

10.  Self and Self-loss in Mystical Experience
Ralph W. Hood, Jr.

11.  Minority Identity and Self-Concept: The American Indian Experience
John M. Dodd, J. Ron Nelson, and Bonnie Henderson Hofland

12.  Disability and the Self
S. Kay Toombs

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