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After Truth
Explorations in Life Sense
After Truth
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Mervyn Sprung - Author
Hardcover - 189 pages
Release Date: December 1993
ISBN10: 0-7914-1703-4
ISBN13: 978-0-7914-1703-4

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Paperback - 189 pages
Release Date: December 1993
ISBN10: 0-7914-1704-2
ISBN13: 978-0-7914-1704-1

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This book begins from the conviction that, in the post-Nietzschean desert of our time, people are left without any means of penetrating those great realms of worth and sense from which philosophy has withdrawn and which science ignores. Yet people are compelled by a profound need to live in a world that secures belief in human worth.

In this unusual soliloquy, the author explores how we might begin to live our way into these trackless realms of life sense. In the manner of this exploration lies the originality of Mervyn Sprung's work. He explores for the sense of things, not their meaning--sense being open, and meaning being closed--and for their worth, not their truth. This is vivial exploration. It proceeds within a horizon of sense given by the classical experience of Greece, India (including Buddhism), and China, especially Taoism. It searches for a sense of the way of things that can be tested in aware behaviour.

"I look forward to an introductory class in which, after I teach some of Plato's Republic and the Bhagavad Gita or some great eastern text, and some of Augustine's Confessions, Descartes' Meditations, and Nietzsche's Zarathustra, I can use this text to put it all together in a wise, gentle, and beautiful way. This is a very exciting, intellectual experience." -- David Goicoechea, Brock University

"What is most impressive about After Truth is the author's ability to think things through. His analysis of space and of time is quite unique, beginning with experience and moving to quite helpful accounts of the function of "space" and "time" in our living. The account of vivial sense is again unique and a major source of understanding East-West differences; differences bridged by showing that the West has its minority share of vivial thinkers--Plato (at times), the Christian mystics, Nietzsche, and Heidegger." -- Robert E. Carter, Trent University

Mervyn Sprung is Professor of Philosophy, Emeritus, at Brock University and is the author of The Magic of Unknowing.

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Table of Contents


The Explorationsz

Inner and Outer

How Inner and Outer Arise
Interdependence of Inner and Outer
Vivial Exploration
Two Poles of Sense


Space as Reality
The Everyday
Space and the Objects in It
Home of Human Worth
Mask of the Boundless


Clocks and Calendars
Iz, Waz, To-Be, in the Now
Behavior and Iz, Waz, To-Be
The Non-Now
Now and Non-Now Integrated as Story


How Do We Live with Words?
How Do Words Function for Us?
Sense as Life Sense


Is Knowing Unintelligible?
The Everyday
Knowing and Reality
The Family of Knowing
Knowing and Behavior
Western Science and Other Traditions
Knowing and Rationality
Knowing in Our Time
Knowing and Person


Our Person
Possible Persons for Vivial Exploration
The Sense of I
The Sense of Me
I and Me: Phantoms
I not the Seat of Freedom
Nietzsche's Life-Body
Kant and Self
The Sense of Own
Aware Behavior
Individual and Society
The Discovery of Person
Person as Touchstone of Life

Vivial Sense

Exploring Vivial Sense
The Ur-Need for a Sense of the Way of Things
Traditions and Thrall
Thralls East and West
Vivial Sense and the Sense of the Way of Things
Sense of the Way of Things as Life Drama

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