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Tradition and Innovation
Reflections on Latin American Jewish Writing
Tradition and Innovation
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Robert DiAntonio - Editor
Nora Glickman - Editor
SUNY series in Modern Jewish Literature and Culture
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Hardcover - 225 pages
Release Date: August 1993
ISBN10: 0-7914-1509-0
ISBN13: 978-0-7914-1509-2

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Paperback - 225 pages
Release Date: August 1993
ISBN10: 0-7914-1510-4
ISBN13: 978-0-7914-1510-8

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This book studies the rich repository of Latin American Jewish literature, exploring the issues of vanishing traditions along with the subject of assimilation and acculturation. It places in sharp relief the Jewish contribution to the Latin American literary boom. An important aspect of this study is an examination of the contributions of women authors to this field. It studies Jewish life in communities that are little known in either the Jewish or non-Jewish world, worlds unique within the diaspora experience. The book contains critical essays by internationally renowned scholars, along with in-depth interviews with major writers.

Contributors include Regina Igel, Florinda Goldberg, Robert DiAntonio, Leonardo Senkman, Naomi Lindstrom, David Foster, Edna Aizenberg, Nora Glickman, Lois Bara, Judith Morganroth Schneider, Murray Baumgarten, Flor Schiminovich, Sandra Cypess, Edward Friedman, Ilan Stavans, Jacobo Sefarmi, and Mario A. Rojas.

"This is an excellent collection of essays that spans contemporary Latin American Jewish literature. It offers solid insights into the works of some of the leading authors that are known for their treatment of the Latin American Jewish experience; at the same time, it does not neglect the presence of less well-known authors. Nora Glickman's Introduction provides a superb forum for writers to respond to the questions that are at the core of 'tradition and innovation.' "-- Saul Sosnowski, University of Maryland at College Park

Robert DiAntonio is in the Department of Foreign Languages at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. Nora Glickman is Professor in the Department of Romance Languages at Queens College.

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Table of Contents

Introduction I
Robert DiAntonio

Introduction II
Nora Glickman

1 Jewish Latin American Writers and Collective Memory
Leonardo Senkman

2 Resonances of the Yiddishkeit Tradition in the Contemporary Brazilian Narrative
Robert DiAntonio

3 Urban Life and Jewish Memory in the Tales of Moacyr Scliar and Nora Glickman
Murray Baumgarten

4 The Complex Roses of Jerusalem: The Theme of Israel in Argentinian Jewish Poetry
Florinda Goldberg

5 Jacobo Fijman: Jewish Poet?
Naomi Lindstrom

6 Matrimony and Religious Conflict: Bernardo Gravier's El hijo del rabino
David William Foster

7 Jewish Identity, Pluralism, and Survival: Feierstein's Mestizo as Minority Discourse
Edna Aizenberg

8 Metaphors of Disorder and Displacement in Mil años, un día by Ricardo Halac
Nora Glickman

9 Noah in the Pampas: Syncretism in Goloboff's Criador de palomas
Lois Barr

10 Marcos Aguinis: Shifting Lines of Difference Between the Other and the Self
Judith Morganroth Schneider

11 Lispector's Rethinking of Biblical and Mystical Discourse
Flora Schiminovich

12 Aspects of the Jewish Presence in the Brazilian Narrative: The "Crypto-Jews"
Regina Igel

13 Ethnic Identity in the Plays of Sabina Berman
Sandra M. Cypess

14 Angelina Muñiz's Tierra adentro: (Re)creating the Subject
Edward H. Friedman

15 Visions of Esther Seligson
Ilan Stavans

16 The Family, the World: The Poetry of José Kozer
Jacobo Sefamí

17 Samuel Rovinski and the Dual Identity
Mario A. Rojas


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