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Teacher Education Policy
Narratives, Stories, and Cases
Teacher Education Policy
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Hendrik D. Gideonse - Editor
SUNY series, Frontiers in Education
Hardcover - 349 pages
Release Date: August 1992
ISBN10: 0-7914-1055-2
ISBN13: 978-0-7914-1055-4

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Paperback - 349 pages
Release Date: August 1992
ISBN10: 0-7914-1056-0
ISBN13: 978-0-7914-1056-1

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This collection of narratives, stories, and case studies brings to life examples of policy processes that affect teacher educators' work, goals, and accomplishments, including certification, testing, allocation of policy responsibilities, standards, and resources.

Gideonse, a veteran participant in teacher education policy struggles in many different arenas, has provided an invaluable service by pulling together representative contributions that sample recent policy initiatives from state and Federal agencies, special commissions, teacher education units, and professional organizations. He clearly details the complex interplay of climate, role, structure, assumptions, issues, and players in each episode.

This selective combination of diverse types and voluminous amounts of data provides support for teacher educators seeking to more fully realize their professional aspirations and make more productive contributions to the policy debates that affect them.

Hendrik D. Gideonse is University Professor of Education and Policy Science at the University of Cincinnati. His previous publications include Educational Research and Development in the United States; Values, Inquiry, and Education, with Robert Koff and Joseph Schwab; and In Search of More Effective Service: Inquiry as a Guiding Image for Educational Reform in America.

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Table of Contents

Hendrik D. Gideonse

Part I. State Policy Development

1. Teacher Education Policy: The Texas Experience
Richard E. Ishler

2. New Mexico: Caps on Content
David L. Colton and Barbara M. Simmons

3. The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing: Seeking the Ingredients for Change
Richard K. Mastain and Ralph Brott

4. New Jersey's Alternate Route
Ken Carlson

5. Teacher Education in Ohio, 1960 to 1990: Strong Paradigm; Emerging Anomalies
Ellis A. Joseph and James Biddle

6. Turmoil in Teacher Education in Oregon
Robert D. Barr

7. Restructuring Teacher Education in the Old Dominion
James M. Cooper and Philip M. Tate

Part II. Higher Education Institutions

8. The Struggle for Control of Teacher Education: The University of Wisconsin-Madison
Nona A. Prestine

9. Implementing the Holmes Agenda: An Institutional Perspective
Donald P. Anderson

Part III. Regional and National Influences

10. A Case Study in Teacher Education: PL 94-142
Maynard C. Reynolds

11. The Southern Regional Education Board and Teacher Education Policy
Richard Wisniewski

12. The Redesign of NCATE 1980 to 1986
Hendrik D. Gideonse

PART IV. Overview

13. Leadership in Policy Development by Teacher Educators: Search for a More Effective Future
David L. Clark

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