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Toward Curriculum for Being
Voices of Educators
Toward Curriculum for Being
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Louise M. Berman - Author
Francine H. Hultgren - Author
Diane Lee - Author
Mary S. Rivkin - Author
Jessie A. Roderick - Author
SUNY Series in Curriculum Issues and Inquiries
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Release Date: July 1991
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Release Date: July 1991
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"The effect of this book is to communicate extremely well what it was like for each writer to move through the experience of understanding their own professional insights -- their curriculum for being. This has never been done before (to my knowledge) in a group context and with the intent of exhibiting the formal method of research by which this was done. It is at once personal, fascinating, profound, dramatic, and instructive." -- Edmund C. Short, The Pennsylvania State University

"The book fascinates in that it really does invite the reader to extend the metaphors and to elaborate her own associations on 'turnings' and 'makings.' We really see reflective teaching and scholarship at work here." -- Jo Anne Pagano, Colgate University

Five teacher-scholars examine in a series of papers written over several years what it means to teach, to work together, to seek new forms of curriculum, and to engage in interpretive inquiry. Some of the metaphors that surfaced in their conversations and writing are Education as Journey, Language as Meaning, and Teacher as Pilgrim. Themes that grew out of their dialogue about these metaphors and their implications for curriculum and teaching include The Meaning of Questioning, Alienation, Detour, Caring, and Dwelling.

At the University of Maryland at College Park, Louise M. Berman is Professor in the Department of Education Policy, Planning, and Administration, Francine H. Hultgren is Associate Professor of Home Economics Education, and Jessie A. Roderick is Professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. At the University of Maryland Baltimore County's Department of Education, Diane Lee and Mary S. Rivkin are Assistant Professors.

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Table of Contents

Catharine R. Stimpson

Ted Aoki


With One Voice: An Introduction

Francine's Voice

Finding Our Own Voices: Reflections of a Participant
My Journey from Knowing to Being in Phenomenology: Caught in the Language and Pursuit of Method
Destining of Being through Technological Knowing: The Saving Power of Turning and Questioning
Ted in Conversation with Francine

Mary's Voice

What Are We Interpreting? The "Data" Problem
Living Off the Inheritance
Knowing and Saying: Metaphors and Fragments
Ted in Conversation with Mary

Jessie's Voice

Perceiving Self in Text
Teaching As Journeying in Community
Contemplating Detour
Ted in Conversation with Jessie

Diane's Voice

To Be in a World of Wicked Problems
Facing the Stranger
A Post-Symposium Conversation by Letter between Diane and Ted

Louise's Voice

Decision as Theme: Implications for Curriculum
Experiencing Teaching
The Table as a Gathering Place
Ted in Conversation with Louise

All Together Now: Revisiting Themes of Our Journey

The Return of the Question: A Point of Re-entrance


Revisiting Teaching as Journey and Detour

Caring as Being

Dwelling: A Return


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