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Creating a Culture of Mindful Innovation in Higher Education
Creating a Culture of Mindful Innovation in Higher Education (March 2022)
Michael Lanford - Author
William G. Tierney - Author

Offers a vision for innovation in higher education focused on societal progress and human development, as well as for higher education's role within a broader culture of innovation.

Higher education institutions have traditionally nurtured artistic and scientific development and served as catalysts for innovative ideas and products. However, contemporary discourse too often relegat...(Read More)
Higher Education for Democracy
Higher Education for Democracy (July 2021)
The Role of the University in Civil Society
William G. Tierney - Author

Uses a cross-national comparison of Los Angeles, New Delhi, and Hong Kong to develop strategies universities should employ to strengthen democracy and resist fascism.

Democracy and higher education are inextricably linked: universities not only have the ability to be key arbiters of how democracy is advanced, but they also need to reflect democratic values in their practices, objec...(Read More)
Get Real
Get Real (December 2020)
49 Challenges Confronting Higher Education
William G. Tierney - Author

A thought-provoking overview of the many challenges facing higher education and how to deal with them by a leading thinker in the field.

Higher education always seems to be in crisis. Governments, foundations, professional associations, and the occasional scornful professor all tend to lament one or another problem plaguing America’s colleges and universities. The more apocalyptic ...(Read More)
Relational Sociology and Research on Schools, Colleges, and Universities
Relational Sociology and Research on Schools, Colleges, and Universities (May 2020)
William G. Tierney - Editor
Suneal Kolluri - Editor

Brings relational sociology to bear on educational research.

Relational sociology was conceived by theorists frustrated by what they viewed as an incomplete accounting of social reality. Torn between notions of structural rigidity, on the one hand, and rational choice individualism, on the other, relational sociologists have sought new units of analysis. Social reality, they have a...(Read More)
The Problem of College Readiness
The Problem of College Readiness (May 2015)
William G. Tierney - Editor
Julia C. Duncheon - Editor

Examines how states, schools, and postsecondary institutions might best help improve college readiness and completion.

Though more students are entering college, many drop out, especially those who are low income and/or of color. To address this problem, educational stakeholders have focused on the concept of “college readiness,” or the preparation a student needs to succeed in college. However, what it...(Read More)
Governance and the Public Good
Governance and the Public Good (September 2006)
William G. Tierney - Editor

Grapples with a variety of policy issues in order to provoke a discussion of the state of higher education in the 21st century.

The public good is not merely an economic idea of goods and services, but a place where thoughtful debate and examination of the polis can occur. In differentiating the university from corporations and other private sector businesses, Governance and the Public Good provides a framewo...(Read More)
Preparing for College
Preparing for College (November 2004)
Nine Elements of Effective Outreach
William G. Tierney - Editor
Zoe B. Corwin - Editor
Julia E. Colyar - Editor

Analyzes and defines the parameters of effective college outreach programs.

The remarkable diversity in college preparation programs raises a compelling question: With a finite amount of time and resources, which activities are most likely to improve educational achievement for underrepresented youth in the United States? This book defines and analyzes the parameters of effective college outreach programs. Instead of lo...(Read More)
Increasing Access to College
Increasing Access to College (March 2002)
Extending Possibilities for All Students
William G. Tierney - Editor
Linda Serra Hagedorn - Editor

Focuses on pre-college enrichment programs as a solution to the problem of minority and low-income student access to postsecondary education.

At a time when college enrollment rates for low income and under-represented students are far below those of non-minority students, policies and practices designed to increase access should be a priority for colleges, universities, high schools, and community agencies. Increa...(Read More)
Faculty Work in Schools of Education
Faculty Work in Schools of Education (December 2000)
Rethinking Roles and Rewards for the Twenty-first Century
William G. Tierney - Editor

A full-bodied, robust discussion of issues of concern to faculty in schools of education.

Schools of education are undergoing dramatic changes in what they are expected to do and what kinds of work faculty should do and how they should be rewarded. This book discusses changes that are currently taking place and considers what reforms are necessary, offering provocative analyses about issues such as tenure, the role of no...(Read More)
Representation and the Text
Representation and the Text (August 1997)
Re-Framing the Narrative Voice
William G. Tierney - Editor
Yvonna S. Lincoln - Editor

Focuses on authorial representations of contested reality in qualitative research.

This book focuses on representations of contested realities in qualitative research. The authors examine two separate, but interrelated, issues: criticisms of how researchers use "voice," and suggestions about how to develop experimental voices that expand the range of narrative strategies.

Changing relationships be...(Read More)
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