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Understanding Curriculum as Racial Text
Understanding Curriculum as Racial Text (September 1993)
Representations of Identity and Difference in Education
Louis A. Castenell Jr. - Editor
William F. Pinar - Editor

This book examines issues of identity and difference, both theoretically and as represented in curriculum materials. Here debates over the cultural character of the curriculum are characterized as debates over the American national identity. The editors argue that historically, cultural conservatives have failed to appreciate that the United States is, in a fundamental and central way, an African and African-American place. European Americans are...(Read More)
Curriculum as Social Psychoanalysis
Curriculum as Social Psychoanalysis (February 1991)
The Significance of Place
Joe L. Kincheloe - Editor
William F. Pinar - Editor

"I think this is one of the best books, one of the most original books, I have come across in a decade of reading and writing in the field of curriculum theory. It challenges the standard curriculum discourse's preoccupation with standardization, universalization, and objectivity." -- Henry A. Giroux, Miama University

"I enjoyed reading a book that said something concrete and that taught me something new. I was fascinated by both the thesis...(Read More)
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