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The Repose of the Spirits
The Repose of the Spirits (October 2019)
A Sufi Commentary on the Divine Names
Ahmad Sam'ani - Author
William C. Chittick - Translated and with an introduction by

Major new translation of a unique and important Persian treatise on divine names in the Islamic tradition.

The Repose of the Spirits is a translation of one of the earliest and most comprehensive treatises on Sufism in the Persian language. Written by Aḥmad Sam‘ānī, an expert in Islamic law from a famous Central Asian scholarly family in about the year 1135, it is one of th...(Read More)
In Search of the Lost Heart
In Search of the Lost Heart (February 2012)
Explorations in Islamic Thought
William C. Chittick - Author
Mohammed Rustom - Editor
Atif Khalil - Editor
Kazuyo Murata - Editor

Renowned scholar William C. Chittick explores the worldview of Islam in a series of essays written over thirty-six years.

In Search of the Lost Heart brings together twenty-six essays by William C. Chittick, renowned scholar of Sufism and Islamic philosophy. Written between 1975 and 2011, most of these essays are not readily available in Chittick’s own books. Although this is a collection, its edit...(Read More)
The Self-Disclosure of God
The Self-Disclosure of God (January 1998)
Principles of Ibn al-'Arabi's Cosmology
William C. Chittick - Author

Explicates the cosmology of Ibn al-Arabi, the greatest mystical thinker of Islamic civilization.

The Self-Disclosure of God offers the most detailed presentation to date in any Western language of the basic teachings of Islam’s greatest mystical philosopher and theologian. It represents a major step forward in making available to the Western reading public the enormous riches of Islamic teachings i...(Read More)
Imaginal Worlds
Imaginal Worlds (October 1994)
Ibn al-'Arabi and the Problem of Religious Diversity
William C. Chittick - Author

In this book Chittick explains Ibn al-Arabi's concept of human perfection, his World of Imagination, and his teachings on why God's wisdom demands diversity of religious expression. He then suggests how these teachings can be employed to conceptualize the study of world religions in a contemporary context.

"Imaginal Worlds is an excellent summary and a solid interpretation of Ibn al-Arabi's teachings." -- Gerhard Bowerin...(Read More)
Faith and Practice of Islam
Faith and Practice of Islam (November 1992)
Three Thirteenth-Century Sufi Texts
William C. Chittick - Author

"In this book, Chittick presents Islam from the inside--from the point of view of Muslims themselves. He first explains Islamic concepts to his readers and then uses these concepts, rather than Western concepts, to discuss Islam. I found the Introduction especially interesting because of the author's skill in presenting Islam to Western readers. I believe the introduction to this work could serve very well as a separate essay introducing Islam a...(Read More)
The Sufi Path of Knowledge
The Sufi Path of Knowledge (June 1989)
Ibn al-Arabi's Metaphysics of Imagination
William C. Chittick - Author

"For the first time in the history of Orientalism, a thorough study of Ibn al-'Arabi's thought is now available. William Chittick has given us a translation of numerous passages from the work of the Magister Magnus and placed them in their theological context, thus removing many misunderstandings that have prevailed both among Muslims and in the West when interpreting Ibn al-'Arabi's mystical worldview. Chittick has done this with admirable clarit...(Read More)
The Sufi Path of Love
The Sufi Path of Love (June 1984)
The Spiritual Teachings of Rumi
William C. Chittick - Author

This is the most accessible work in English on the greatest mystical poet of Islam, providing a survey of the basic Sufi and Islamic doctrines concerning God and the world, the role of man in the cosmos, the need for religion, man's ultimate becoming, the states and stations of the mystical ascent to God, and the means whereby literature employs symbols to express "unseen" realities. William Chittick translates into English for the first time certa...(Read More)
A Shi'ite Anthology
A Shi'ite Anthology (June 1981)
William C. Chittick - Editor/translator

Created by the Prophet Muhammad and his twelve Imams, the Hadith is an ancient and profoundly influential body of religious texts in Shi'ite Muslim literature, second in importance only to the Holy Koran itself.

Texts on the practical aspects of life and pure metaphysics are included in this first English translations of excerpts from the Hadith. Especially selected for the Western reader by the renowned Islamic scholar Tabataba'i, the passa...(Read More)
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