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Idealism and the Endgame of Theory
Idealism and the Endgame of Theory (January 1994)
Three Essays by F. W. J. Schelling
Thomas Pfau - Editor/translator

This is a well chosen group of essays by Schelling; it gives a sense of Schelling's development which is not available from those works already translated; as such it is a much needed complement to what is already available in English.

"Apart from its contribution to a greater understanding of Schelling, the presentation of this volume does much to define the issues at the source of the recurrent preoccupation with identity in contemporary th...(Read More)
Friedrich Holderlin
Friedrich Holderlin (December 1987)
Essays and Letters on Theory
Thomas Pfau - Editor/translator

Holderlin's essays and letters constitute essential documents for an understanding of the transitional period from neo-classical poetics to what can only be characterized as a unique and, in its frequently experimental structure, essentially modernist poetics.

This book contains virtually all of Holderlin's theoretical writings translated for the first time. In spite of the great significance of Holderlin's ideas for contemporary critical th...(Read More)
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