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In the Shadows of the Dao
In the Shadows of the Dao (October 2015)
Laozi, the Sage, and the Daodejing
Thomas Michael - Author

Challenges standard views of the origins of the Daodejing, revealing the work’s roots in a tradition of physical cultivation.
Thomas Michael’s study of the early history of the Daodejing reveals that the work is grounded in a unique tradition of early Daoism, one unrelated to other early Chinese schools of thought and practice. The text is associated with a tradition of hermits committed to yangsheng...(Read More)
The Pristine Dao
The Pristine Dao (May 2005)
Metaphysics in Early Daoist Discourse
Thomas Michael - Author

A new reading of Daoism, arguing that it originated in a particular textual tradition distinct from Confucianism and other philosophical traditions of early China.

The Laozi (Daodejing) and the Zhuangzi have long been familiar to Western readers and have served as basic sources of knowledge about early Chinese Daoism. Modern translations and studies of these works have encouraged a perception of Daoism a...(Read More)
Popular Modernity in America
Popular Modernity in America (September 2000)
Experience, Technology, Mythohistory
Michael Thomas Carroll - Author

Examines a wide variety of cultural and technological phenomena that have helped shape American popular culture over the last 150 years.

Does technology alter our ways of being in and perceiving the world, or does it merely serve as a conduit for predetermined patterns of culture? In addressing this question, Popular Modernity in America examines a broad range of related cultural and technological phenomena-from Bing Crosby to I...(Read More)
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