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The Degeneracy Crisis and Victorian Youth
The Degeneracy Crisis and Victorian Youth (January 1993)
Thomas E. Jordan - Author

"Jordan reminds us that history, policy, and economics are great shaping forces in terms of setting ceilings on what children can be. There is much here that is important to scholars in child growth and development. But most important is that we are reminded of the plight of poor children today as well as yesterday." -- Margaret Yonemura, State University of New York, Binghamton

A book in the ecology of child development, The Degeneracy ...(Read More)
Victorian Childhood
Victorian Childhood (September 1987)
Themes and Variations
Thomas E. Jordan - Author

This book presents a broad range of original data on childhood in Victorian Britain. It combines a social science approach to data with historical context, resulting in a highly readable account based on sound historiography.

Against a backdrop of the industrial revolution, an expanding economy, and a rising standard of living, Victorian Childhood explores life and death, child development, the family, work, education, social life, ci...(Read More)
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