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Together / Apart and other poems
Together / Apart and other poems (January 2015)
Steve Clorfeine - Author

Poems on relationship, intimacy, and longing, the poetics of postcards, and places real and imagined.

This book of prose poems is a collection of collaged visual images—some randomly recollected—others noted as the author apprehended them. Woven through the visual images are descriptions of sensation/perception that arise with the memory of place.

The collection has three parts...(Read More)
While I Was Dancing
While I Was Dancing (August 2010)
22 Poems
Steve Clorfeine - Author

This collection of poems was written between 2004 and 2009. Working with various partners, Steve Clorfeine developed a form, “moving and writing,” in which one person moves with eyes closed and the other witnesses the movement, after which both write, “free writing” style.

Witnessed moving with eyes closed is based on a form called Authentic Movement, pioneered by Mary Starks Whitehouse and ...(Read More)
Field Road Sky
Field Road Sky (August 2010)
Steve Clorfeine - Author

Praise for Steve Clorfeine’s work:

“I found myself carried by his words … often an unremarkable or extravagantly beautiful list of things and events was made brilliant by the attention paid to their existence.” — Parabola: Myth, Tradition and the Search for Meaning

“Clorfeine’s day-to-day experiences read like a series of...(Read More)
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