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The T'ai-Chi Ch'uan Experience
The T'ai-Chi Ch'uan Experience (July 1996)
Reflections and Perceptions on Body-Mind Harmony
Sophia Delza - Author
Robert Cummings Neville - Edited with a foreword by

The leading proponent in America of the Wu style discusses the spiritual and aesthetic meanings of t'ai chi ch'uan.

In her previous book, T'ai Chi Ch'uan: Body and Mind in Harmony: The Integration of Meaning and Method, Sophia Delza describes the Wu Style with careful directions and illustrations for learning the practice of the exercise-art of t'ai chi ch'uan. In this new book, Ms. Delza, the leading proponent in the United St...(Read More)
T'ai Chi Ch'uan
T'ai Chi Ch'uan (August 1985)
Body and Mind in Harmony (Integration of Meaning and Method)
Sophia Delza - Author

"For the Western reader this is quite simply the best of the many books on T'ai Chi Ch'uan." -- David L. Hall, University of Texas.

The foremost work on the ancient Chinese art of T'ai Chi Ch'uan in the English language is now even better. Master practitioner and teacher Sophia Delza has thoroughly revised her original guide to include substantial new material. T'ai Chi Ch'uan: Body and Mind in Harmony is a comprehensive survey of t...(Read More)
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