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Memory, Identity, Community
Memory, Identity, Community (April 1997)
The Idea of Narrative in the Human Sciences
Lewis P. Hinchman - Editor
Sandra K. Hinchman - Editor

This multidisciplinary volume documents the resurrection of the importance of narrative to the study of individuals and groups and argues that narrative may become a lingua franca of future debates in the human sciences.

The topic of narrative is as significant as the editors claim in their Introduction. It is becoming central to various social science fields, particularly for scholars who want to challeng...(Read More)
Hannah Arendt
Hannah Arendt (February 1994)
Critical Essays
Lewis P. Hinchman - Editor
Sandra K. Hinchman - Editor

This work presents both the range of Arendt's political thought and the patterns of controversy it has elicited. The essays are arranged in six parts around important themes in Arendt's work: totalitarianism and evil; narrative and history; the public world and personal identity; action and power; justice, equality, and democracy; and thinking and judging. Despite such thematic diversity, virtually all the contributors have made an effort to buil...(Read More)
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