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Autowork (May 1995)
Robert Asher - Editor
Ronald Edsforth - Editor
Stephen Merlino - With assistance from

An anthology of original essays on the history of work experience in automobile factories, from 1913 to the present.

"This is an absolutely marvelous anthology surveying and analyzing the rich history and changing character of autowork in twentieth-century America. It is one of the few books that analyzes the auto industry and its workforce from its origins to the present." -- Stephen Meyer, author of The Five Dollar Day: Labor M...(Read More)
Popular Culture and Political Change in Modern America
Popular Culture and Political Change in Modern America (November 1991)
Ronald Edsforth - Editor
Larry Bennett - Editor

"I am most impressed with the utility of this collection, the quality of the scholarship, the clarity of the writing, the breadth of coverage, and most important, the kinds of questions that each essay raises." -- Bruce C. Nelson, Central Michigan University

This book is a collection of essays dealing with the ways in which specific popular entertainment media, mass consumer products, and popular movements affect politics and political cultur...(Read More)
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