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Beyond the Power Mystique
Beyond the Power Mystique (February 1999)
Power as Intersubjective Accomplishment
Robert Prus - Author

Locating power within the symbolic interactionist framework, this book permeates much of the mystique shrouding "power" and examines the ways in which notions of power, control, influence and the like are brought into human existence.

Despite the considerable attention given to 'power' by foundational sources such as Machiavelli, Hobbs, Weber, Durkheim, and Marx, and those social theorists who have built on their works,...(Read More)
Subcultural Mosaics and Intersubjective Realities
Subcultural Mosaics and Intersubjective Realities (January 1997)
An Ethnographic Research Agenda for Pragmatizing the Social Sciences
Robert Prus - Author

Examines the theory and methods by which social scientists study the human lived experienced.

"Prus has written a textbook on qualitative research--a textbook in the best sense of being the summation of a discipline presented in a manner that can be put to use by students." -- Marvin Scott, Hunter College, City University of New York

The author builds on the broader interpretive/constructionist ethn...(Read More)
Symbolic Interaction and Ethnographic Research
Symbolic Interaction and Ethnographic Research (November 1995)
Intersubjectivity and the Study of Human Lived Experience
Robert Prus - Author

Examines a series of theoretical and methodological issues faced by social scientists in interpretive and ethnographic studies of human group life.

Choice Outstanding Academic Books 1996

"I think that this book could become the single, most definitive dissenting statement about postmodern ethnography. An erudite treatise of the epistemological underpinnings and practical realities of ethnographic ...(Read More)
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