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Oil on the Edge
Oil on the Edge (November 1995)
Offshore Development, Conflict, Gridlock
Robert Gramling - Author

"This book beautifully interweaves stories of technology, institutions, localities, environment, politics, and international gaming. The story of oil development is a difficult one to tell well, precisely because it involves so many intricately woven micro-stories, so to say that Gramling has done a great job is to say he's accomplished something significant. The stories are told with grace and clarity, even occasional wit, so the reader flows throu...(Read More)
Oil in Troubled Waters
Oil in Troubled Waters (April 1994)
Perceptions, Politics, and the Battle Over Offshore Drilling
William R. Freudenburg - Author
Robert Gramling - Author

In some coastal regions of the United States, such as western Louisiana, offshore oil development has long been welcomed. In others, such as northern California, it has been vehemently opposed. This book explores the reasons behind this paradox, looking at the people, the regions, and the issues in sociological and historical contexts.

What has been in very short supply on this issue, as in a growing number of other cases of technological g...(Read More)
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