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Gods after God
Gods after God (January 2006)
An Introduction to Contemporary Radical Theologies
Richard Grigg - Author

An erudite but eminently readable guide to contemporary radical theologies.

Gods after God provides an accessible introduction to a wide range of contemporary radical theologies. Radical theology can be defined as talk about the divine that rejects the notion of God as a supernatural personal consciousness who created the world and who intervenes in it to accomplish his purposes. In addition, radical theologies t...(Read More)
Imaginary Christs
Imaginary Christs (August 2000)
The Challenge of Christological Pluralism
Richard Grigg - Author

Discusses the issue of christological pluralism--the panoply of competing visions of Christ that exist today--and provides criteria for evaluating these.

What should those attracted to the figure of Jesus Christ make of all the different Christs available to them? Amidst today's pluralism, we encounter Christ as liberator, the cosmic Christ, feminist Christs, Black Christs, Christ as the object of mystical longing, and various New Age ...(Read More)
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