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Cholera and Nation
Cholera and Nation (January 2008)
Doctoring the Social Body in Victorian England
Pamela K. Gilbert - Author

How cholera epidemics affected Victorian perceptions of the body and the nation.

Drawing from sermons, novels, newspaper editorials, poetry, medical texts, and the writings of social activists, Cholera and Nation explores how the coming of the cholera epidemics during a period of intense political reform in Britain set the terms by which the social body would be defined. In part by historical accident, e...(Read More)
Mapping the Victorian Social Body
Mapping the Victorian Social Body (February 2004)
Pamela K. Gilbert - Author

Explores how medical and social maps helped shape modern perceptions of space.

The cholera epidemics that plagued London in the nineteenth century were a turning point in the science of epidemiology and public health, and the use of maps to pinpoint the source of the disease initiated an explosion of medical and social mapping not only in London but throughout the British Empire as well. Mapping the Victorian Social ...(Read More)
Imagined Londons
Imagined Londons (September 2002)
Pamela K. Gilbert - Editor

Explores the various representations and imaginations of London in literature and popular culture, from Victorian times to the present day.

Imagined Londons
explores the diverse ways that Britain’s “global city” has been imagined and represented in literature, history, the arts, and popular culture, from the mid–nineteenth century to the present day. American and British contributors examine a v...(Read More)
Beyond Sensation
Beyond Sensation (December 1999)
Mary Elizabeth Braddon in Context
Marlene Tromp - Editor
Pamela K. Gilbert - Editor
Aeron Haynie - Editor

This is the first book to address the entire career of this key Victorian author.

Mary Elizabeth Braddon, journal editor and bestselling author of more than eighty novels during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, was a key figure in the Victorian literary scene. This volume brings together new essays from a variety of perspectives that illuminate both the richness of Braddon's oeuvre and the variety of cr...(Read More)
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