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Interpreting Neville
Interpreting Neville (May 1999)
J. Harley Chapman - Editor
Nancy K. Frankenberry - Editor

Interpreting Neville provides the first book-length treatment of the thought of Robert Cummings Neville, one of the most important and wide-ranging scholars working across the fields of philosophy, theology, and comparative studies today. Contributors assess the systematic structure and methodological unity of Neville's trilogy Axiology of Thinking, provide a postmodern contextualization of Neville's philosophy, and evaluate the critical ...(Read More)
Religion and Radical Empiricism
Religion and Radical Empiricism (July 1987)
Nancy K. Frankenberry - Author

"Frankenberry offers for the first time a tough, sophisticated, and comprehensive discussion of the relation of radical empiricism to the history of philosophy."-- William Dean

Rarely in modern times has religion been associated with empiricism except to its own peril. This book represents a comprehensive and systematic effort to retrieve and develop the tradition of American religious empiricism for religious inqui...(Read More)
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