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A Human Necklace
A Human Necklace (December 2013)
The African Diaspora and Paule Marshall's Fiction
Moira Ferguson - Author

Argues that Paule Marshall’s work collectively constitutes a multigenerational saga of the African diaspora across centuries and continents.

From Brown Girl, Brownstones (1959) to The Fisher King (2000), Paule Marshall’s novels, novellas, and short stories include a rich cast of unforgettable men, women, and children who forge spiritual as well as emotional and geographical paths tow...(Read More)
Eighteenth-Century Women Poets
Eighteenth-Century Women Poets (November 1995)
Nation, Class, and Gender
Moira Ferguson - Author

This book shows how eighteenth-century women's literature redefined nation and culture in class and gendered terms.
This book examines the poems of three Englishwomen--washerwoman Mary Collier, middle-class feminist polemicist Mary Scott, Bristol milkwoman Ann Yearsley, and Scottish dairywoman from Ayrshire, Janet Little. It questions how national identity might have influenced gender and class affiliations, and, reciprocally, how gender ...(Read More)
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