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The Gift of Education
The Gift of Education (October 2005)
How a Tuition Guarantee Program Changed the Lives of Inner-City Youth
Norman A. Newberg - Author
Michelle Fine - Foreword by

Tells the story of how two philanthropists promised each of the 112 graduating sixth graders at Belmont Elementary, a school in one of Philadelphia’s poorest neighborhoods, a fully paid college education to the institution of their choice.

At the June 17, 1987 sixth-grade graduation ceremony at Belmont Elementary, in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Philadelphia, philanthropists George and Diane Weiss promis...(Read More)
Beyond Silenced Voices
Beyond Silenced Voices (March 2005)
Class, Race, and Gender in United States Schools, Revised Edition
Lois Weis - Editor
Michelle Fine - Editor

2006 AESA Critics’ Choice Awards (American Educational Studies Association)

A thoroughly revised and updated edition of the classic text. Focuses on the roles of hope, participation, and change in reforming American schools.

Resting on the belief that educators must be at the center of informing education policy, the contributors to this revised edition of the classic text raise tough ques...(Read More)
Relocating the Personal
Relocating the Personal (February 2001)
A Critical Writing Pedagogy
Barbara Kamler - Author
Michelle Fine - Foreword by

A rich array of interesting ways to teach personal writing critically and in settings where it has typically been excluded.

Addressing the current and growing interest in the personal, the self, and the autobiographical not only in the teaching of writing, but also across many disciplinary and subject fields, Relocating the Personal describes a rich array of practical approaches to teaching the personal in set...(Read More)
Beyond Silenced Voices
Beyond Silenced Voices (January 1993)
Class, Race, and Gender in United States Schools
Lois Weis - Editor
Michelle Fine - Editor

This book addresses race, class, and gender in education in the United States. It debates the issues of institutionalized power and privilege, and the policies, discourses, and practices that silence powerless groups.

At the center of the silence are the most critical and powerful voices of all -- children and adolescents with their relentless desire to be heard and to survive. Weis and Fine go beyond examining policies, discourse, and pract...(Read More)
Framing Dropouts
Framing Dropouts (March 1991)
Notes on the Politics of an Urban High School
Michelle Fine - Author

"I think this is the most important work I have read in over a decade on the sociology and politics of school dropouts. Fine combines a narrative structure with a rigorous theoretical discourse that allows the reader to both hear the voices of those involved in the dropout situation as well as to have the opportunity to reflect critically on the ideological and material forces that structure the dropout issue as a social problem. I am convinced th...(Read More)
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