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What Happens to Us When We Think
What Happens to Us When We Think (July 2003)
Transformation and Reality
Michael Gelven - Author

Explores the transformation humans undergo when they do metaphysics.

Author Michael Gelven suggests that thinking metaphysically transforms us, and consequently the nature of metaphysics itself is transformational. Using concrete existential phenomena such as the learning process, how children mature into adults, and how fear can develop into courage, he establishes an understanding of metaphysical transformation.
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Truth and the Comedic Art
Truth and the Comedic Art (September 2000)
Michael Gelven - Author

A philosophical inquiry into the essence of comedy.
Traditional philosophy places a singular emphasis on tragedy, acting under the assumption that tragedy is more profound than comedy. Gelven argues that comedy deserves equal if not greater attention from philosophy. Through the interpretative readings and concrete analysis of three classical works, Gelven shows that comedy provides an access to truth unavailable by any other means. Silvi...(Read More)
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