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Death, Ecstasy, and Other Worldly Journeys
Death, Ecstasy, and Other Worldly Journeys (March 1995)
John J. Collins - Editor
Michael Fishbane - Editor

This is a psychological and historical exploration of belief in a spirit world, imperceptible to the senses, as a pervasive and deeply-rooted characteristic of religion.

Belief in a spirit world, and a blissful or agonizing afterlife, is one of the most pervasive and deeply-rooted characteristics of religion. This volume offers a wide-ranging exploration of this basic religious theme. Most of the case studies are drawn f...(Read More)
The Midrashic Imagination
The Midrashic Imagination (July 1993)
Jewish Exegesis, Thought, and History
Michael Fishbane - Editor

"Written by some of the most outstanding scholars of Jewish Studies, this book sheds light on the dominant cognitive mode of Judaism. Through the Midrashic process Jewish scholars molded Jewish consciousness, responded to historical crises, created legal and theological norms, and shaped Jewish culture. The book offers a sophisticated analysis of textuality in Judaism: the interpretation of sacred texts explains both the traditionalist nature of ...(Read More)
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