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Poems of Wine and Tavern Romance
Poems of Wine and Tavern Romance (October 2013)
A Dialogue with the Persian Poet Hafiz
Hafiz - Author
Martin Bidney - Author and Translator

A selection of poems by one of Islam’s greatest poetic voices.

“In his poetry, Hafiz has inscribed undeniable truth indelibly … Hafiz has no peer!” — Goethe

Poems of Wine and Tavern Romance includes 103 pioneering poems by the medieval Persian poet and Sufi monk Muhammad Shemseddin Hafiz (ca. 1320–1389). With the rich complexity of a character in ...(Read More)
West-East Divan
West-East Divan (December 2010)
The Poems, with "Notes and Essays": Goethe's Intercultural Dialogues
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - Author
Martin Bidney - Translated with introduction and commentary
Peter Anton von Arnim - Translator

Translations of Goethe’s poems about Arabia and Persia and his essays on Islamic culture.

In West-East Divan (1819), Germany’s greatest poet J. W. von Goethe offered a work of lasting appeal. Stimulated by the Divan (“Collection”) by medieval pub poet Hafiz, Goethe blends his own identity with that of the Persian Sufi master who sang the delights of wine a...(Read More)
East-West Poetry
East-West Poetry (January 2009)
A Western Poet Responds to Islamic Tradition in Sonnets, Hymns, and Songs
Martin Bidney - Author

Poetry that responds to the Qur’an and to the tradition it created.

Written for the general reader and the specialist, Muslim and non-Muslim, East-West Poetry responds to the Qur’an, scriptural heart of Islam, and to the tradition it created. An introduction relates the Qur’an to Hebrew and Christian biblical writing and to Rumi, who illumined the Qur’an with Sufi mystic wisdom; an...(Read More)
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