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Altered States
Altered States (July 2006)
Sex, Nation, Drugs, and Self-Transformation in Victorian Spiritualism
Marlene Tromp - Author

Considers the role of Spiritualism in Victorian culture.

Altered States examines the rise of Spiritualism—the religion of séances, mediums, and ghostly encounters—in the Victorian period and the role it played in undermining both traditional female roles and the rhetoric of imperialism. Focusing on a particular kind of séance event—the full-form materialization—and the b...(Read More)
Beyond Sensation
Beyond Sensation (December 1999)
Mary Elizabeth Braddon in Context
Marlene Tromp - Editor
Pamela K. Gilbert - Editor
Aeron Haynie - Editor

This is the first book to address the entire career of this key Victorian author.

Mary Elizabeth Braddon, journal editor and bestselling author of more than eighty novels during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, was a key figure in the Victorian literary scene. This volume brings together new essays from a variety of perspectives that illuminate both the richness of Braddon's oeuvre and the variety of cr...(Read More)
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