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Being Called to Care
Being Called to Care (April 1994)
Mary Ellen Lashley - Author
Maggie T. Neal - Author
Emily Todd Slunt - Author
Louise M. Berman - Author
Francine H. Hultgren - Author

"The important explorations and insights offered by the authors in this book provide vivid evidence of ways in which nurses exercise their responses to a call to care. This is not a sentimental text, nor is it a simple or singular approach. The text is not associated with religious ideology. It is deeply spiritual; it explores the common grounds of meaning in human existence. These authors have brought together insights that are grounded in n...(Read More)
Toward Curriculum for Being
Toward Curriculum for Being (July 1991)
Voices of Educators
Louise M. Berman - Author
Francine H. Hultgren - Author
Diane Lee - Author
Mary S. Rivkin - Author
Jessie A. Roderick - Author

"The effect of this book is to communicate extremely well what it was like for each writer to move through the experience of understanding their own professional insights -- their curriculum for being. This has never been done before (to my knowledge) in a group context and with the intent of exhibiting the formal method of research by which this was done. It is at once personal, fascinating, profound, dramatic, and instructive." -- Edmund C...(Read More)
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