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Report on the Aeginetan Sculptures
Report on the Aeginetan Sculptures (June 2017)
With Historical Supplements
Johann Martin Wagner - Author
F. W. J. Schelling - Editor
Louis A. Ruprecht Jr. - Translated, edited, and with an introduction by

Tells the story of Bavaria’s acquisition of ancient Greek sculptures that rivaled those acquired by England from the Parthenon.

The controversial removal of the Parthenon sculptures from Greece to England in the first decade of the nineteenth century by Thomas Bruce, seventh Earl of Elgin, sparked an international competition for classical antiquities. This volume tells a lesser-known chapter of that story...(Read More)
Symposia (August 1999)
Plato, the Erotic, and Moral Value
Louis A. Ruprecht Jr. - Author

Argues that the underlining of erotic matters in Plato's dialogues marks the most significant moment in his career.

Socrates was wise, because he knew that he did not know anything; this has long been the prevailing wisdom of the Socratic-Platonic tradition. In Plato's Middle Period --spanning dialogues such as Phaedo, Symposium, Republic, and Phaedrus--Socrates consistently claims to have knowledge in one...(Read More)
Afterwords (July 1996)
Hellenism, Modernism, and the Myth of Decadence
Louis A. Ruprecht Jr. - Author

Reading both philosophical and theological texts, this book presents an argument against nostalgia: against the myth of a Golden Age, against the posture that sees "modernity" as a problem to be solved.

This book about nostalgia raises the question of why it has become such a dominant and influential posture in contemporary philosophical and theological writing. The author notes the presence of the word "after" in a gr...(Read More)
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