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Transforming Process Theism
Transforming Process Theism (May 2000)
Lewis S. Ford - Author
Robert Cummings Neville - Foreword by

Traces variations of theism in Whitehead's principle works, identifying a major problem in conventional understanding of process theism and constructing an original and provocative solution.

Process theism, in a variety of manifestations and modifications stemming from Whitehead's original suggestions, dominates discussions of philosophical and natural theology in Europe and America. In Transforming Process Theism Ford argues th...(Read More)
The Emergence of Whitehead's Metaphysics, 1925-1929
The Emergence of Whitehead's Metaphysics, 1925-1929 (June 1985)
Lewis S. Ford - Author

A breathtaking detective story, this book charts the adventure of Whitehead's ideas in a remarkably detailed and careful reconstruction of his metaphysical views. Incorporating heretofore unpublished material from students' notes and correspondence, Professor Ford analyzes the order of composition of various portions of Whitehead's books, principally Science and the Modern World, Religion in the Making, and Process an...(Read More)
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