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Enlightenment to Enlightenment
Enlightenment to Enlightenment (July 1993)
Intercritique of Science and Myth
Henri Atlan - Author
Lenn J. Schramm - Translator

This book is a thorough and critical, comparative analysis of the logic of modern scientific thought and of traditional teachings generally referred to as mythological and mystical.

Different rationalities with different domains of interest and legitimacy exist, which should not be confused and cannot be unified in any theory of "Ultimate Reality." Atlan suggests they must coexist in practice, although each of them...(Read More)
Four Approaches to the Book of Psalms
Four Approaches to the Book of Psalms (January 1991)
From Saadiah Gaon to Abraham Ibn Ezra
Uriel Simon - Author
Lenn J. Schramm - Translator

Uriel Simon describes the fascinating controversy that raged from the tenth to the twelfth centuries regarding the theological status and literary genre of the Psalms. Saadiah Gaon, who initiated the controversy, claimed that the Psalter was a second Torah--the Lord's word to David--and by no means man's prayer to God. Salmon ben Yerucham and Yefet ben Ali insisted on the Karaite view that the Book of Psalms was the prophetic common prayerbook of ...(Read More)
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