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Becoming an Agent
Becoming an Agent (December 1993)
Patterns and Dynamics for Shaping Your Life
Larry Cochran - Author
Joan Laub - Author

This book is about individuals who have made dramatic changes in their lives. In the beginning, these people were living as patients or victims of circumstance. In the end, they were living as agents, free to shape the courses of their lives, to choose, set goals, plan--to make things happen, rather than to experience life as events happening to them.

The authors describe what is involved in such remarkable transformations. They identify a...(Read More)
The Sense of Vocation
The Sense of Vocation (July 1990)
A Study of Career and Life Development
Larry Cochran - Author

Larry Cochran examines the meaning of a sense of vocation as it is lived over the course of a life. By studying more than twenty autobiographies of people who clearly had a mission in life, the author identifies commonalities and weaves them into a general story or plot. The common story involves a detailed description of four phases of life from childhood through old age. It illustrates how a significant form that unifies desire arises in youth,...(Read More)
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