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Sociology and the New Systems Theory
Sociology and the New Systems Theory (January 1994)
Toward a Theoretical Synthesis
Kenneth D. Bailey - Author

This book provides current information about the many recent contributions of social systems theory. While some sociologists feel that the systems age ended with functionalism, in reality a number of recent developments have occurred within the field. The author makes these developments accessible to sociologists and other non-systems scholars, and begins a synthesis of the burgeoning systems field and mainstream sociological theory. The analysis sh...(Read More)
Social Entropy Theory
Social Entropy Theory (February 1990)
Kenneth D. Bailey - Author

Social Entropy Theory illuminates the fundamental problems of societal analysis with a nonequilibrium approach, a new frame of reference built upon contemporary macrological principles, including general systems theory and information theory. Social entropy theory, using Shannon's H and the entropy concept, avoids the common (and often artificial) separation of theory and method in sociology. The hallmark of the volume is integration, as se...(Read More)
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