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Hindu Ethics
Hindu Ethics (July 1988)
Purity, Abortion, and Euthanasia
Harold Coward - Editor
Julius Lipner - Editor
Katherine K. Young - Editor

"Much attention has been given to the topic of duties in the Indian tradition. This work includes rights as well, as any competent ethical discussion must. The topic is highly significant for ethical dialogue, East and West, and for our closer understanding of the Indian religious tradition." -- Harold W. French, University of South Carolina

Modern Western approaches to India often have focused on metaphysics at...(Read More)
The Face of Truth
The Face of Truth (March 1986)
A Study of Meaning and Metaphysics in the Vedantic Theology of Ramanuja
Julius Lipner - Author

The Face of Truth examines in depth the Vedāntic theology of Rāmanujā, the most important and well-known of the classical Hindu theologians. Julius Lipner clearly analyzes Rāmānuja's theory of sacred language and divine predication, his views on the nature of the self, God, and the relationship between infinite and finite being.

In addition to offering new insights into and analyses...(Read More)
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