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Autonomy and Social Interaction
Autonomy and Social Interaction (August 1990)
Joseph H. Kupfer - Author

"It is enjoyable and interesting to read. It deals with genuine moral issues in a philosophically sophisticated way that does not lose touch with ordinary human life." -- Edward Sankowski, University of Oklahoma

"It shows in very concrete terms the ways in which autonomy is the basis for the structure of certain relationships. The author does an excellent job of moving back and forth between discussions that are theoretical i...(Read More)
Experience as Art
Experience as Art (June 1984)
Aesthetics in Everyday Life
Joseph H. Kupfer - Author

"It is a courageous attempt to think philosophically about up-front human concerns without either pandering or resorting to jargon. The chapter topics are central to human life and Kupfer's treatment of them is informed, animated, and often original....Kupfer's book will become an important contribution to our understanding of contemporary culture." -- John J. McDermott, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, Texas A&M University

"The wo...(Read More)
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