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The Deities Are Many
The Deities Are Many (March 2005)
A Polytheistic Theology
Jordan Paper - Author

Provides a theology of polytheism—the belief in many deities—using examples from a wide range of world religions.

The Deities Are Many
is a lively and learned introduction to polytheism. Drawing from both his scholarly research and his personal experience, author Jordan Paper is the ideal guide into this milieu. Paper was drawn to polytheism through his love of nature, seeing it as a source of the divine. I...(Read More)
The Mystic Experience
The Mystic Experience (October 2004)
A Descriptive and Comparative Analysis
Jordan Paper - Author

Explores the human experience of mysticism and looks at it within the spiritual traditions around the world.

The mystic, zero, or void experience—the ecstatic disappearance of self along with everything else—is considered by those who have had it to be the most beautiful, blissful, positive, profound, and significant experience of their lives. Offering both a descriptive and a comparative perspective, this b...(Read More)
The Spirits are Drunk
The Spirits are Drunk (January 1995)
Comparative Approaches to Chinese Religion
Jordan Paper - Author

This is a comparative treatment of the religious beliefs and practices of Chinese traditional culture.
The Spirits Are Drunk presents Chinese religion as a complex, singular construct that is the basis of Chinese culture and civilization from its inception to the present. It focuses on the development and role of ecstatic religious experience and on the importance of the feminine in religious perceptions.
Topics include the und...(Read More)
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