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Supplements (October 2002)
From the Earliest Essays to Being and Time and Beyond
Martin Heidegger - Author
John van Buren - Editor

A comprehensive anthology of Heidegger's early essays.

This indispensable volume adds for the first time a comprehensive anthology of the most important of Martin Heidegger's recently discovered early essays. Translated by preeminent Heidegger scholars, these supplements to Heidegger's published corpus are drawn from his long series of early experimental, constantly supplemental attempts at rethinking p...(Read More)
Reading Heidegger from the Start
Reading Heidegger from the Start (November 1994)
Essays in His Earliest Thought
Theodore Kisiel - Editor
John van Buren - Editor

Reading Heidegger from the Start is devoted to the rediscovery of Heidegger's earliest thought leading up to his magnum opus of 1927, Being and Time. Using published and unpublished lectures and other recently available texts by Heidegger, the authors in this anthology retrace the development and significance of Heidegger's early interpretations of Aristotle, Husserl, St. Paul, Augustine, Luther, Kierkegaard, Dilthey, Jaspers, and Kan...(Read More)
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