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Reconceiving Experience
Reconceiving Experience (September 1996)
A Solution to a Problem Inherited from Descartes
John T. Kearns - Author

Presents a new framework for understanding language, thought, and experience, and for carrying out research.

"Most impressive is the author's skill in creating an original theory of experience, language, thought, and action. The theory is comprehensive, detailed, well-articulated, and well-motivated; its relevance to both traditional and recently-discovered philosophical problems is evident; and the author makes illumin...(Read More)
Solutions Manual to The Principles of Deductive Logic
Solutions Manual to The Principles of Deductive Logic (November 1987)
John T. Kearns - Author

Principles of Deductive Logic
Principles of Deductive Logic (November 1987)
John T. Kearns - Author

Clear focus on its application of formal logic to ordinary English is the most distinctive feature of this textbook for the introductory course in deductive logic. Great care is taken with the appropriate translation into logical languages of ordinary English sentences. Evaluation of these translations promotes a more effective use of ordinary language.

The Principles of Deductive Logic presents symbolic logic in a fuller and more le...(Read More)
Using Language
Using Language (June 1985)
The Structures of Speech Acts
John T. Kearns - Author

In a pioneer study of how language is actually used, Dr. Kearns combines the rigor of formal logic with a detailed analysis of natural language patterns. Through this double focus, he develops artificial languages that are syntactically more similar to the spoken word than first-order language itself. Numerous diagrams illustrate the evolution of these artificial languages, which represent a significant contribution to both the fields of linguisti...(Read More)
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