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Professionals and Urban Form
Professionals and Urban Form (June 1984)
Judith R. Blau - Editor
Mark E. La Gory - Editor
John S. Pipkin - Editor

Professionals and Urban Form departs from the usual way of studying the city to examine the chief professions responsible for designing urban places—planning and architecture. Not often treated together, they are here combined to highlight common problems and lines of convergence between the two.

The architects, planners, and social scientists who contributed to this book concern themselves with the inter...(Read More)
Remaking the City
Remaking the City (June 1984)
John S. Pipkin - Author

This book pulls together a variety of perspectives on urban form and urban design. It contains invited contributions by well-known architects, economists, geographers, sociologists, and planners, fostering a much-needed dialogue between practitioners and theorists of urban planning. The contributions provide inclusive reviews of the state-of-the-art in various fields, as well as develop original and sometimes controversial new ideas. As a whol...(Read More)
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