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Beyond Friendship and Eros
Beyond Friendship and Eros (July 2001)
Unrecognized Relationships between Men and Women
John R. Scudder Jr. - Author
Anne H. Bishop - Author

Explores deep intimate personal relationships between men and women.

Culminating a twenty-year personal and scholarly quest, the authors explore the phenomenon of loving relationships (minus the sexual attraction) between men and women. They articulate these relationships as dialogical love in which partners respond to each other's presence personally rather than categorically as friend or lover. In a society whe...(Read More)
The Practical, Moral, and Personal Sense of Nursing
The Practical, Moral, and Personal Sense of Nursing (July 1990)
A Phenomenological Philosophy of Practice
Anne H. Bishop - Author
John R. Scudder Jr. - Author

"This study is seriously needed, not only within the nursing profession, but equally within the medical profession (which too often is blinded by failure to recognize the critical place of nursing practice), and by those who administer health care institutions ( who too often seem oblivious of the significance of nurses and their practices for the integrity of institutional life and ethics)." -- Richard M. Zaner, Ann Geddes Stahlman Professor of Me...(Read More)
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